Our Team

Melissa and Vaughn Sprague - Founders


Melissa and Vaughn founded this organization out of a desire to help homeless animals.  Melissa and Vaughn live in Bolton, CT with 5 dogs and 3 cats - all rescues. Melissa and Vaughn are usually the ones to meet potential adopters on the weekends.

Erica Strilbyckij - Adoption Director


Erica is our adoption director and is usually the first person an adopter hears from! She has an amazing way of being able to match an adopter with the right animal.  Everyone that she speaks to can hear the passion that she has for animals. Erica currently has 3 rescue cats.

Brittany Maher - Foster Director


Brittany is our foster director and works closely with all our fosters throughout the state of CT to make sure they have everything they need. Brittany also has a wealth of knowledge about vet care and is a critical part of our team.  

Other Team Members

Wanda and Bill

What can we say about Wanda and Bill!  They help in so many ways - volunteer, transporter, answering emails, vet checks, home visits, bringing animals to vet appointments, and of course adopted Boomer!  Boomer is the face of our rescue page!

Theresa and Raj

Theresa and Raj are also very critical members of our rescue team.  They donate numerous hours each week by volunteering, socializing the cats, doing laundry, and so much more!  Theresa and Raj have also adopted cats from Paws 4 Life that they fell in love with!

Social Media

Social media is critical in getting our mission and our adoptable animals out to the public.  Ashley and Raj help promote our animals on various social media outlets.  Ashley also volunteers time to socialize with our cats.  She also adopted 2 cats from us too! They have their very own Instagram page (mila.n.birch)


As we do not have a brick and mortar facility, we are only able to take in animals if we have a foster home that the animal(s) can hang out with until they get adopted.  We have a number of fosters that help us on a regular basis!

Thank you -

Johanna, Melissa, Tamra, Hailey, Tricia, Olivia, Joan, Courtney, Zoe, Jaime, Brianna, Monique, April, Jen, Rachel, and Laura


We couldn't be successful without volunteers.  We have a number of volunteers that help us on a regular basis!

Thank you -

Kelsey, Bonnie, Janet, Pauline, Steve, Deb, Michelle (and daughters Reagan and Sage)


Transporters are the lifeline of our rescue and help move animals from foster homes, vet appointments, and from various Animal Control facilities. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to help as many animals as we currently are.

Thank you - 

Sarah, Jen, and Jen